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                           Wolfsbane: Part One

You sighed as you stepped out into the rain, using the stacks of newspapers in your hand as an umbrella. It wasn't a shocker when they quickly became soaked through, and all it really did was weigh down your head a bit. Part of you said to stay in the store, but you knew you had to get home and continue to unpack.

You had just moved to Germany from (country of origin) to get on your own two feet. Of course, your parents had been adamant about strapping you to a chair and making you stay at home, but you had been just as determined to leave the nest and show them that you could make it on your own. Why you picked Germany, you didn't really know. All you knew was that as soon as you had seen the ad for a cheap little one story house in one of the suburbs of Berlin online, you knew that it was the place for you. You were twenty now, so you had figured that going off to a different country to live in would be a great experience.

You were kind of starting to regret it now.

For one thing, you had almost no money. And being a foreigner, the locals didn't exactly want to give you a job—they always came up with excuses and whatnot about how you wouldn't be able to do it correctly, or that your German wasn't good enough (which, to be honest, it wasn't exactly up to par). And then the subject of your actual house—it was run down and shabby, and most of the appliances didn't work properly. The electricity frequently went out as well. A part of you knew that it would be a good idea to ask your parents to send some money over, but the stubborn piece of your brain refused to do so. You had gone off to prove you could live by yourself with no means of support from them—you were going to follow through.

Even if that did mean returning from the store in the pouring rain empty handed because you didn't really have enough money to buy what you wanted and using a stack of soaking newspapers as an umbrella.

"The forecast said nothing about rain," You muttered to yourself in annoyance as you trekked through the muddy streets. Luckily where you lived wasn't too populated, so there were only a couple of cars here and there. "If they had, I would have brought an umbrella…now I'm going to need to change before I catch pneumonia or something!"

As you grumbled to yourself, (h/c) hair sticking to your back and (e/c) eyes glaring at the cobblestone street that was covered by mini waterfalls of rain, you became aware of something…watching you. Like a pair of eyes was locked on you, watching your every movements. A wave of paranoia and worry shuddered through your body, and you stopped dead in your tracks as you looked around frantically.

Oh, come on (name)…don't be so paranoid! The streets are completely empty, and most of the houses around here are abandoned!

However, when you turned back around to start heading home once more, you yelped in shock.

Sitting in front of you was a dog.

A very large, white dog.

It had red eyes and an old looking scar under its right eye. It seemed to stare right at you, rain dripping from its muzzle and soaking its almost silver fur. As long as your own eyes met with the canine's, it stood up on all fours and waggled its tail happily, seeming to give you an almost cheeky grin with that doggy mouth.

And you melted.

"Awwww! You're such a big, cute boy, aren't you? Yes you are!" You cooed, forgetting about your discomfort in the rain and holding a hand out. The dog made a sound in the back of its throat like a bark, but it wasn't exactly that. It was more like a chuff and a…laugh put together. One that sounded like "Kesesese." Which, in all honestly, was a bit odd. But the canine trotted over and immediately stuck its cold, dripping nose into your open hand, nuzzling it lovingly and licking it.

You giggled, scratching his—you were positive it was a boy dog, though you weren't quite sure why—ear and grinning down at him. "You're quite the sweetheart too…what's such a handsome dog like you doing out in the cold rain all by yourself, hm? Where's your owner?" You peered at his shaggy neck curiously, only to see no collar. You furrowed your brows. "Are you a stray, then?"

The dog made that odd, raspy "Kesesese" noise again and suddenly jumped up, licking your face and catching you off guard. You would have fallen back in surprise if he handed grabbed your shirt sleeve with his teeth and tugged you back, steadying you. You stared at the canine in shock, (e/c) eyes meeting crimson orbs that held an air of mystery and intelligence.

Take me with you.

…either you had just heard a voice in your head, or being out in the rain this long was starting to have its effect on you.

You gazed into the dog's eyes just for a bit longer, before nodding slowly. For some reason, you just felt that…it was a really good idea to take him with you. Never mind you didn't have the means to take care of a dog and yourself—you could barely manage for the latter of the two. But…something inside you…just screamed that it was a really good idea to take the dog home with you.

You stood up straight and placed your hand on his shaggy, damp fur, scratching his back affectionately. "Well, dog…I guess you're going home with me. Now you should know, I don't really have the er, means to take care of us both…but I'll manage. You've kind of casted a spell on me, you know?" You grinned down at him, and he seemed to give you a toothy, wolfish grin right back at you.

As you and your new companion began to walk once more through the streets, rain pouring down in almost vicious sheets now, you couldn't help but talk to the dog as if he was just another person. "My name is (first name) (last name), and I'm twenty. I moved here to Germany from (country of origin) to prove to my parents that I could get by all by myself…but so far it's been kind of a mess." You laughed nervously. "Taking you in may not be such a good idea either…but I'm spontaneous! I live in the moment! Hence coming all the way to Germany!"

The dog looked up at you, furry face contorted in an expression of concentration and genuine intrigue. You really did feel like he could understand you. And maybe, if he wanted to, even talk back…

"Oh, I should come up with a name for you!" You exclaimed, shaking your head at your stupidity. The motion caused one of the newspapers to slip and fall onto the street, ink blurred and running all over from the rain. But one article caught your eye, mainly because the German was easy enough that you could read it.

"Man Gone Missing—Gilbert Beilschmidt Mysteriously Disappears Without A Trace."

The picture was of a young man with pale skin, red eyes, and a shock of silvery-white hair. He had an arrogant smirk on his face, one that seemed to pierce right through your soul. You peered at the rest of the article, but it was just too blurry to read—what was legible was in too complicated German for you to read.

Suddenly the dog picked the newspaper up with his teeth and head butted you in the leg, looking up with glittering rubies. Your eyes trailed to the name "Gilbert" and you smiled widely, nodding.

"Gilbert it is, then. It seems to suit you. And you're even albino, just like the guy in the photo! Wonder what happened to him, though…poor guy."

You shrugged and patted the dog's head, starting to walk once more. At last the rain was letting up, which was a bit ironic being that your mood had just drastically improved because of the shaggy canine at your heels—Gilbert.

You couldn't resist smiling widely as you suddenly took off in a bit of a sprint, Gilbert right at your side with loyal bounds as he yipped happily and wagged his tail, easily keeping up with your human strides. "Come on then, Gilbert! Time to go home!"

Maybe your stay in Germany was going to be easier than you thought.
Next: [link]

Look. I am actually making a reader insert series. Fuck yeah.


He is...something else. It shall be explained later.

So, yes. This was inspired due to the fact that my dog is being put down this Friday, and...this kind of is helping me cope. And I like the idea.

I know the first chapter is short, but it's just introducing everything. The other parts will be longer most likely, and have more action. By the way, I have no idea how long this is going to be.

This is going to be a blend of supernatural, mystery and romance. It will hopefully be epic.

I hope you all enjoy.

I will try to get the next chapter up as soon as possible.

Next: [link]
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Prussia as a dog sounds so cute! I want him so badly. Best pet evar!
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