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Holy shit was it hot as balls down there. Got a nasty sunburn because my skin is pale and I am made for the winter. But I'm going to be a hopeless idiot and post some of my favorite pictures from the vacation, so bear with me for a bit, m'kay?

tumblr noyxpdTszb1soo6yno1 1280 by lupus-astra
This was at Gatorland - and that snake I'm holding is a Burmese python named Kitty :'D She was so soft and smooth and cute. The handlers were really impressed that I was super excited to hold her considering everyone else was freaking out lmao. I just love reptiles. I kept trying to catch the little geckos that were everywhere at our hotel and Universal, actually, but those fuckers are fast.

tumblr noviqs7L071soo6yno1 1280 by lupus-astra

Hogwarts! This is where the Harry Potter 3D experience is located. Not gonna lie...I may have sort of teared up when I saw this. I'm an emotional asshole. The fact that they have all sorts of themes from the movies playing everywhere you walk made it even worse.

tumblr novir2195P1soo6yno1 1280 by lupus-astra

The dragon from Gringotts! I never went on the Escape from Gringotts ride because I was afraid it would be too much for my sensitive stomach and slight motion sickness. I did get to see the dragon breathe fire, but it happened so fast that I never got to take a picture of it :( 

tumblr nowwesTXi11soo6yno1 1280 by lupus-astra

I was really torn between getting Sirius Black's wand or Luna Lovegood's...but I decided on Luna's. She's just one of those characters that I feel extremely connected with, what with being a bit eccentric and all. I also got a Ravenclaw sweatshirt since that's the House I think I belong to, but I never got around to taking a picture of it.

tumblr noxdyt4geS1soo6yno1 1280 by lupus-astra

Jurassic Park of course! This was such a fun area of Universal. It made me even more excited for Jurassic World to come out. I'm such a dinosaur nerd. 

tumblr noym8p76wJ1soo6yno1 1280 by lupus-astra

My sickass Decepticon tanktop I bought at the Transformers area. It's quite possibly my new favorite tank. I wore it and a lot of people came up to me and talked about Transformers; it was fuckin' awesome. I made friends with a little girl whose favorite character is Bumblebee and she kept telling me he was going to beat me up for siding with Megatron was so cute!

tumblr nowqnhLqFW1soo6yno1 1280 by lupus-astra



I was the only female in the line for it (everyone else was a little boy with his family) but it was so worth it! I saw Optimus Prime and Megatron as well, but the lines to meet them were too long. I got in line for Bumblebee first thing in the morning. After this picture was taken, he gave me a fistbump >8) Shit, guys, I love Transformers. The plane from Orlando to Atlanta actually had episodes of Transformers Prime on the screens on the seats, and you're goddamn right I watched them.


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i'm a writer, but i'm not a very good one and at the moment i'm sort of on a hiatus while i focus on my mental health. i'm kind of an awkward person and tend to forget to reply to people, so i apologize if you've ever sent me something and never gotten a response.

i appreciate all the feedback i get, however, and truly adore everyone who support me. you guys are great and the reason i'm still on this trainwreck of a website.

hugs and kisses to you all!!! ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡

ps i tend to be more active on my tumblr which is located in the link below. it's an amalgamation of fandoms, but feel free to check it out!


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Hello! Just wanted to say that I loove your fanfictions!Love 
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Be awkward and write bigger. Awkward people get weird or rich or both. Aim for both!
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Hey, Bridget. Kitsuki here. :) just writing up to let you know I moved accounts. 
I got tired of all my old weeb things and in the end just shipped off. Sorry I haven't been commenting on things lately, real life swept me away. ;n;

Hoping to get a chance to read you things soon <3
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