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listen up y'all. i'm done. this place isn't what it was when i was 15 and young and stupid. i'm 20 now. i've moved on. my writing, whenever i do get around to it, isn't meant for this place.

i'm not deleting my account because i know people still read my stuff. but i'm never logging back in again with the prospect of uploading something.

if you still wanna follow me on the off chance i may write, follow my tumblr klefaeries.

deviantart was fun when i wasn't so bitter and jaded and all i did was write fanfiction. i was a god, for fuck's sake. people were eating out of my grubby little hands. it's freaky if you think about it.

but yeah. no more. i should have left for good long, long ago.

thanks to those who supported me through the years. i learned a lot about myself and what i can do with my writing because of all the critiques i've gotten. maybe someday, i'll actually write something that can be professionally published. if i do, i hope you guys read it.



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i'm a writer, but i'm not a very good one and at the moment i'm sort of on a hiatus while i focus on my mental health. i'm kind of an awkward person and tend to forget to reply to people, so i apologize if you've ever sent me something and never gotten a response.

i appreciate all the feedback i get, however, and truly adore everyone who support me. you guys are great and the reason i'm still on this trainwreck of a website.

hugs and kisses to you all!!! ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡

ps i tend to be more active on my tumblr which is located in the link below. it's an amalgamation of fandoms, but feel free to check it out!


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